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Top Pro Corporation is known as one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing and trading high-quality raw materials, galvanized and color-coated steel products, steel plates, steel sheets, construction steel, corrugated iron, and other steel pipe products.


With the direction of developing an ecosystem specializing in the heavy steel industry, we continuously invest in the latest modern technologies, cooperate with top experts in the field to innovate and improve the quality of products, with the desire to bring customers the best products.


With the core philosophy of “Down Rooting, Up Branching” TOP PRO strives to provide the best service and support to our customers.



The galvanized steel products of TPG are manufactured to meet ISO standards and comply with Japanese industrial standards

? Galvanized steel coil

Hot-dip galvanized steel has the following outstanding advantages: a high anti-corrosion coating, improved processing capabilities, relatively low cost, and can be used as a widely used steel material.


The production process and product quality of galvanized steel are strictly managed according to ISO 9001:2015 and JIS G3302 standards.

? Galvanized Steel Rectangular Tube

With a good source of zinc-coated materials and modern production lines, TPG can meet various sizes of square and rectangular tube/pipe products.


All products meet high requirements for quality, hardness, and durability according to the specific functions and purposes of each type.

? Color coated steel coil

Color coated steel coil products have a wide range of applications and many outstanding characteristics, such as fire resistance and resistance to harsh weather conditions.


The production and quality development of color coated steel meet ISO 9001:2015 and JIS G3302 standards and comply with export standards to the EU.

? Gear

Our diverse range of bolts, screws, and gears are highly durable and available in a wide variety of types and designs to meet the demands of customers in the precast steel building, mechanical, mold-making, automotive and motorcycle assembly, electrical engineering, transportation, and industrial and civil construction industries.

? Steel Wire

Steel wire supplies raw materials for manufacturing bolts, screws, and industrial accessories.

? Raw steel coil

Raw steel coils are used as materials for galvanizing, color coating, rolling, and pickling production lines.

All products are sourced from reliable raw material suppliers with export-standard quality

Production line

Modern manufacturing technology

? Pickling

The production line optimizes the process of removing rust from the surface of steel coils, eliminating impurities to create a smooth and clean surface.

? Cold Rolling

The production line has a large capacity, capable of processing various thicknesses, minimizing the reduction process during rolling.

? Galvanizing

The production line combines the stages of rust removal and anti-oxidation coating to enhance the corrosion resistance and durability of the finished products.

? Color coating

Our plating production line can handle materials with a width of 600-1200 and a thickness of 0.8-2mm, meeting all color requirements as needed.

? Sitting / Shearing

The production line supports the uncoiling of various sizes of coils with different thicknesses and widths, at high and accurate speed.

? Forming

The production line provides various sizes of square and rectangular tubes, meeting the needs of construction and civil engineering projects.

ISO standards

TCVN ISO 9001:2015 compliant

Superior quality

Manufactured according to JIS G3302 industrial standards

Competitive pricing

Optimizing production to reduce product costs

Business partners

Unity & Development

Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation

Supplying hot-rolled steel coil (CR) products, Coiled wire steel products

China Steel & Nippon Steel Viet Nam

CSVC is currently focusing on manufacturing and trading 4 main products: PO steel, CR steel, CG steel, ES steel.

Hong Ky

Specializing in supplying welding machines, civil construction steel, and structural steel products.

Posco Viet Nam

Providing advanced technology Cold Rolled (CR) products

Hien Lam

Specializes in supplying steel box and tube products according to popular standards


Manufacturing black steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes: square, round, rectangular

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